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Barcode Scanner Murah

Barcode Scanner Retail

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Symbol DS3408

Symbol DS3408

The rugged LS3408ER handheld scanner from Symbol Technologies, the Enterprise Mobility Company, delivers superior performance and versatility for your scan-intensive industrial applications.

Symbol DS3407

Symbol DS3407

Symbol DS3400 take benefit from a scanning solution designed specifically for fast-paced production environments.

Scancode Maxima

Scancode Maxima

Scancode Maxima is handheld barcode scanner that provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic and lightweight form. The wide working range "?from near-contact to almost 60 centimeters"? makes Scancode Maxima ideal for all purposes.

Opticon OPR3001

Opticon OPR3001

The Opticon OPR 3001 rugged laser scanner features a rubberized pistol-grip and trigger guard and is sealed to IP54 standards for operation in dirty and harsh conditions including extreme temperatures and humidity.

Metrologic SP5700 Optimus PDA

Metrologic SP5700 Optimus PDA

The SP5700 OptimusPDA provides mobile professionals with a versatile solution for increased productivity in applications throughout the retail supply chain, professional services, transportation and healthcare.

Metrologic SP5535 Optimus SBT

Metrologic SP5535 Optimus SBT

Optimus SBT is a Compact Portable Data Terminal Equipped with Bluetooth.

Metrologic SP5500 Optimus S

Metrologic SP5500 Optimus S

Metrologic SP5500 OptimusS Data Terminal was designed for Retail and Light Warehouse Data Collection Applications.

Metrologic MS9590 Voyager GS

Metrologic MS9590 Voyager GS

The Metrologic MS9590 Voyager GS barcode scanner features a new ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue for customers desiring a trigger-activated, hand-held laser scanner.

Metrologic MS9541 Voyager HD

Metrologic MS9541 Voyager HD

Voyager is the scanner of choice for all your linear bar code scanning needs. Whether corded or wireless, reading small or large codes, or even reading an occasional PDF417 barcode.

Metrologic MS9544 Voyager PDF

Metrologic MS9544 Voyager PDF

Metrologic VoyagerPDF is feature rich and offers same outstanding performance found in all Voyager Series scanners. What differentiates the VoyagerPDF scanner is its added ability to decode 2-D codes such as PDF417, PDF417 truncated and RSS-14 composite


mesin kasir, komputer kasir, software toko

mesin kasir, komputer kasir, software toko

mesin kasir, komputer kasir, software toko

mesin kasir, komputer kasir, software toko

mesin kasir, komputer kasir, software toko

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