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  Fargo DTC400
Fargo DTC400

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Printer Aplikasi Fargo DTC400

Easily adapts to changing security needs.

The DTC400 Card Printer/Encoder is designed to make issuing ID cards easier and more secure, which adds to the security of your entire organization. The DTC400 is simple to operate, irtually maintenance-free and can be field-upgraded as your needs expand. When you combine the DTC400 with the optional Print Security Suite software, Visual Security cards and Fargo's exclusive SecureMark Technology, you get the most secure ID card issuance solution in its class. The DTC400 uses Fargo's Direct-to-Card (DTC )Technology to print sharp, colorful photos and graphics as well as bar codes and digitized signatures. It's an excellent choice for small- to midsized corporations, K-12 schools, public safety departments and local and state government agencies and facilities. The DTC400 eliminates these hassles with simplified materials handling and a user-friendly Ribbon Cartridge cominterface. Our SmartLoad combines the printer ribbon and SmartClean card cleaning roller into one disposable cartridge. Just slide it into the DTC400 and you're done. The LCD control panel replaces blinking indicator lights, giving you easy-to-follow prompts and commands so you'll always know the status of your DTC400.

Fargo DTC400 Specifications

DTC400 Card Printer & System

The unbelievably easy and secure way to print and encode plastic ID cards.

  • Dual- or single-sided Direct-to-Card printing of photos, bar codes and digitized signatures. Field-upgradeable smart card, proximity and magnetic stripe encoding options.
  • Eliminates hassles of loading ribbons and cleaning rollers with exclusive SmartLoad© ribbon cartridge.
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized corporations, K 12 schools, police and fire, and local and state government facilities.

DTC400 System

Fargo Secure hardware and software work together with the DTC400 to protect your entire ID card issuance process.

Upgrading for smart cards

Optional encoding modules give you the flexibility to work with a variety of card technologies like HID MIFARE© and proximity cards.

Purchase Considerations

With the DTC400, upgrading the security level of ID cards for business, schools and government is easier than you think.

Print Security Suite©

Control the issuance and help ensure the authenticity of your photo ID cards with this five-application suite.

Fargo Professional Services

Make sure your large-scale card identity system meets all of your requirements. Fargo Professional Services works in tandem with your Fargo integrator to provide expert program management, system design, implementation and product customization.


SecureVault is unique hardware and software system for protecting an often-overlooked part of card identity systems materials security. SecureVault tracks the movement and use of blank cards, printer ribbons, holographic films and other sensitive materials.

Holographic Foil Cards

These cards feature a tamper-resistant, instantly verifiable foil that's permanently embedded into the card surface. The foil alone helps make non-laminated ID cards more secure, or it can add another security layer to laminated cards.

Optional dual-sided printing

Dual-sided printing doubles the printable area of your ID cards. That means you can put larger photos on the front, and additional information, bar codes and digitized signatures on the back. Dual-sided printing can also make cards harder to counterfeit.

Optional smart card encoding

Comprehensive security applications frequently combine photo IDs with some type of technology or "?smart"? cards. With optional modules, Fargo's Professional Series printer/encoders can encode up to three smart card technologies in one pass: contact and contactless smart card, magnetic stripe, and proximity card (read-only).

SmartLoad© ribbon cartridge

The DTC400 takes the hassle out of handling printer supplies. Its SmartLoad ribbon cartridge combines the printer ribbon and card-cleaning roller into one disposable unit. Just slide in the cartridge, close the door and you're done. No feeding or tearing ribbon rolls, no fumbling with separate cleaning rollers.

SecureMark© Technology

A stolen ID card printer or even just a stolen ribbon can turn into gold for a counterfeiter. The DTC400 uses Fargo's exclusive SecureMark Technology to reduce vulnerabilities like these. For example, ribbon cartridges can be coded to work with a specific DTC400; a stolen ribbon won't work in any other printer.

Purchase Considerations

After you've read through all of the features and options, checked the specs, and have seen how the DTC400 fits into a secure card identity system, you ultimately have to ask: Is this the right card printer/encoder for my security applications? As you ponder your purchase decision, here are some things to consider:

Protecting people, property and information is everyone's priority these days. In companies, schools, libraries, retail establishments and a wide range of other organizations, the DTC400 has proven itself as an incredibly easy way to enhance your security. The optional dual-sided printing module gives you extra room on the back of each card for additional security information, bar codes and digitized signatures. Printing on VeriMark© or HoloMark© foil cards gives your IDs an extra, hard-to-counterfeit layer of protection.

The DTC400 is designed to adapt to your changing security needs. It offers a full range of field-upgradeable smart card encoding modules, so you can add functionality to your basic photo IDs. Start with a magnetic stripe encoder, for example, then upgrade later on to more advanced smart card technologies for controlling access to facilities, networks and information. The DTC400 can also be networked for distributed card issuance applications.

Card issuance
We can't say it enough: An ID card is only as secure as the system that issued it. And Fargo makes the world's most secure card identity systems. They're built on a common technology platform Fargo 's exclusive SecureMark© Technology that reduces vulnerabilities throughout the system, from storing blank ribbons to password-protecting printers. When you combine the DTC400 printer/encoder with our Print Security Suite© software and SecureVault© materials management system, you surround your card issuance process with exceptionally high-level protection.

So who can you trust to help you put all of this together? Trust the real-world expertise of a Fargo Authorized Integrator. Fargo Authorized Integrators are a critical part of your entire card identity system the people who make everything work and help you keep it secure. Fargo Professional Services works in tandem with your Fargo Authorized Integrator to provide expertise and product customization for large, sophisticated card identity systems.

This is a summary of selected DTC400 specifications.

For complete specs, download the DTC400 spec sheet.

Printing technology: : Dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer
Resolution: : 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Colors: : Up to 16.7 million / 256 shades/pixel
Print speed: : 7 - 35 seconds per card, depending on ribbon type
Accepted standard card sizes: : CR-80, CR-79
Print area: : Edge-to-edge on CR-80 cards
Input hopper card capacity: : 100 cards (.030"? / .762mm thick)
Output hopper card capacity: : Up to 30 cards (.030"? / .762mm thick)
Encoding options: :
  • ISO Magnetic Stripe Encoding, dual high- and low-coercivity, Tracks 1, 2, and 3
  • Contact Smart Card Docking Station
  • Contactless Smart Card Encoder (HID© iCLASS©, MIFARE© and MIFARE DESFire)
  • Contact Smart Card Encoder reads from and writes to all ISO7816-1/2/3/4 memory and microprocessor smart cards (T = 0, T = 1) as well as synchronous cards
  • HID proximity (read-only)
Options: :
  • Dual-sided printing module; field-upgradeable
  • Smart card encoding modules; field-upgradeable
  • Mag stripe encoding module; field-upgradeable
  • Ethernet connectivity with internal print server
  • 100-card output hopper with or without reject tray
  • Printer cleaning kit


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