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  Datalogic Catcher
Datalogic Catcher

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Barcode Scanner Datalogic Catcher

The Datalogic Catcher omni-directional presentation barcode scanner guarantees outstanding reading performance in distribution and retail applications because of its state-of-the-art optics and electronics.

The Datalogic Catcher omni-directional presentation barcode scanner reading pattern of 20 lines and 1,500 scans per second assure the highest first pass decoding rate, an important feature in applications that require immediate and intuitive reading.

The Datalogic Catcher omni-directional presentation barcode scanner's architecture offers unique functions to the market. The advanced technology used for decoding increases the reading performance by making it easy to read damaged or poorly printed codes.

The Data Editing and Data Formatting modes allow the code to be completely formatted before the information is sent to the host. In addition, the Datalogic Catcher omni-directional presentation barcode scanner can be updated in the field with the flash memory, providing it with new functions and allowing it to read new emerging barcode symbologies.

The Datalogic Catcher D531 multi-interface model is available with USB, RS-232 or keyboard wedge interface. In addition, by simply pressing a button, the Datalogic Catcher omni-directional scan pattern becomes a single scan line, which is extremely useful for manual scanning of barcodes in close proximity to each other or menu scanning.

The Datalogic Catcher omni-directional barcode reader can also be configured in stand-by mode to minimize power consumption when the barcode scanner is not in use: the Datalogic Catcher will automatically wake-up when it detects a code in its scan field. Confirmation of the barcode read is provided by a beeper that can be heard even in loud environments and a bright led that can be seen even in well-lit environments.

The Datalogic Catcher omni-directional presentation barcode scanner is the ideal solution for check-out counter applications in retail markets, member check-in for health clubs and front-desk applications in office automation markets such as manual reading of documents, envelopes and small packages in post offices and couriers.

Datalogic Catcher features

High reading performance: 20 scan lines and 1500 scans/sec.
Multi Interface: USB, RS232 and Keyboard Wedge
Firmware upgrading
Reduced dimensions
Single Line scan option
RSS-14 decoding capability
Optional weighted desk stand
2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Datalogic Catcher specification

Power Supply: 5 V
Electric Current: Less Than 350 mA
Storage Temperature: -40? to 70? C
Shock Resistance: 120 cm
Operating Temperature: 0? to 40? C
Ambient Light Immunity: 10,000 lux
Humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing
Weight (max.): 340 g (without cable)
Dimensions (max.): 85 (L) x 87 (P) x 150 (H) mm
Scanning Speed: 1500 scans/sec
Software: Can be updated and programmed
Reading Distance: Up to 11 Inches (depending on code resolution)
Light Source: Laser diode at 650 nm
Bar Codes Read: Interleaved 2/5, Code 39 Code 128, EAN/UPC, EAN128, Code 93, Code 11, RSS
Interfaces: USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge


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